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SkillUpdates - Science Behind Learning

With research backed learning technique and help of industry experts, we have crafter the perfect learning path for you to learn from your inbox

Kolb's way of learning

Kolb's experiential learning theory (ELT) is a learning theory developed by David A. Kolb who published his model in 1984.Kolb's theory has a holistic perspective which includes experience, perception, cognition and behavior

Adaptive Learning & Updates

The funnels is tuned to understand your learning needs and accordingly crafted to adapt with your learning style and the send you email updates allocate for learning

Mentorship Based

Not just a emails, Unlike newsletters, learning platforms are supposed to be interactive! It's almost as mentor sending you the updates

Bite Sized

Given the Busy with work situation, we tested our hypothesis and discovered that bite-sized content fits and serves best for a better learning experience

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The perfect mail channel cover a range of programming topics and upgrading your skills


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